1. Personal attacks are not tolerated. It is possible to disagree without personally insulting fellow posters. Lets show respect for fellow posters just as we would on the street. Threatening ArgoFans.com members with physical violence will not be tolerated.

2. Player attacks are not tolerated. This includes players, coaches, and other people involved with the team. Criticism is acceptable, insults are not. You don't have to like a certain player, but you do have to show respect. Wishing or suggesting violence or injury to any player or coach will not be tolerated.

3. Profanity is not tolerated. A conversation can be held without the use of obscene words or profanity. Minor usage of minor words is somewhat acceptable, for example, in the use of cliches or common phrases which are not offensive. Masking profanity is also not acceptable. Starring out a single letter still implies the use of the word. We employ word filters, please do not try and go around them as they are implemented for a reason.

4. Posting of sensitive or potentially defamatory personal information about CFL players and personnel that is not of general knowledge is NOT tolerated.

5. "Trolling" and "fishing" is not tolerated. "Trolling" or "fishing" by definition, means to make a post that goes against the grain, not because it is a true opinion, but to get a negative reaction and cause a disruption to the forum.

6. Posters who continually disrupt the natural flow of discussion will face disciplinary action. This refers to posters who are continually and unfairly negative to the extreme and also to posters who continue to derail threads in the CFL discussion forum with non-CFL related discussion.

7. Threads which do not relate to football, as determined by the moderating team, will be moved without notice to the appropriate forum.

8. Fans of all teams are allowed and encouraged to post here and shall not be harassed, bullied, demeaned, treated like an inferior, or felt unwelcome based on anything in relation to the politics of what a "true fan" is. This includes, but is not limited to money and leisure time (or lack there of) committed to their favorite CFL team(s).

9. Use of the PM (private message) or e-mail system for the purpose of attacking a fellow poster is not tolerated. The PM and e-mail systems reside on this forum and on the same server and thus are under the same rules. Please report to a moderator with evidence if you feel the PM or e-mail system is being abused.

10. Drawing excessive attention to your posts and threads is not acceptable. Use of colours, bolding, italics, all caps, etc is allowed, but in moderation.

11. Avatars must not be larger than 100 x 100 pixels. Those who use avatars larger than that may be asked to resize the avatar or it may be deleted without any notice.

12. Spamming ArgoFans.com forums is strictly prohibited. All spam will be deleted by the mod team and spammer will no longer be permitted to post on ArgoFans.com forums. If you have a website or business you would like to advertise please contact the site administrator or one of the moderators through the "contact us" form.

13. ArgoFans.com members are not permitted to have more than one free account unless granted special permission by the moderating team.

14. Lastly, have fun and treat each other with dignity and respect. Remember that we are all here for one common reason: we are CFL fans. As a tip to all, before hitting the submit button, think to yourself: "Would I say this to his/her face?" If the answer is no, it might be a good idea to not say it to him or her at all.

15. Please note that treating fellow CFL fans with dignity and respect is the golden rule not only on ArgoFans.com, but on all CFL forums. Moderators and the like have the permission and authority to use discretion on all happenings on this forum that may not fall under the above forum rules. This means that happenings or behavior deemed to be disrespectful in any form or manner may be handled by a moderator or the like even if it is not in accordance with traditional forum rules.

*We reserve the right to change the forum rules without notice.