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Only part that was crap was the casino part. (and most of Finn and Rose) The rest was quite good and fit well with Star Wars lore. IMO ... The movie gets some bum rap from people being mad because it wasn't what they expected and they didn't look closely at what was being presented. Heck, a main theme in the movie was force projection and many still believe that Snoke actually was killed.

And everyone loved the Porg's.
Rian Johnson and the team behind the new Star Wars IMO don't seem to understand what Luke Skywalker was, which for me is a big problem. Never liked Finn and the story with Rose seemed to only be put in to give Finn something to do. Laura Dern as Vice Admiral Holdo was pointless. People are pissed about Snoke, because there was no story to him, he was essentially Kylo's Emperor, yet useless in the story, so hopefully you're right and he returns for Episode 9.

Kylo and Rey's link was a low point in the story for me as well, aside from the fact that I think Kylo is a weak villain, their links didn't need to be shown a bunch of times. IMO show that there is a link, but keep it away from the forefront of the story, and explore it more in 9.

Too much wrong with Episode 8. Watch some of the Hamill interviews - he gets it.